Power supply

Thermal power plants (Central Provence, BSN Gironcourt)


Automotive industry

Renault, Peugeot



Petrochemical industry

Pipe-rack, supports reactor, supports flare



Agro foods 

Washing workshops, crystallization, supports of turbines and sieves, beet hoppers and others.


Cement plants

preheating towers, raw mixers, cement mixers, coal mixers, bunkers' roofs, airslide, supports cladding, heating floors



All types (quarry, clinker, dust...)



Retaining water

Dams, floodgates, shock waves




Special works

>> Eurotunnel ; paths of the TBM, backup system's cars

>> Pont de la Manche, repair of Paris' bridges

>> Pavillon Baltard

>> Fontaine des Innocents, Halles de Paris



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